Jake received his Bachelor’s degree in counseling. He has ambitions to become an industrial psychologist after completing his master’s degree. If video gaming was a course it would make up at least 80% of his credit hours.

Jessica has an Associate’s of Art’s degree. 9-5 she’s an administrative assistant which gives her access to a label maker and office supplies. In her day dreams she has a myriad of titles: Bakery Owner, Craft Shop Guru.

Together we’re a perfect pair. He’s the mayonnaise to my egg salad. She’s the pebble in my shoe that keeps me moving. Our goal is to celebrate life enthusiastically.


Jake walked Jessica down the aisle, before he ever asked her on a date. You see, Jake was a groomsman at Dustin’s wedding. Jessica was a bride’s maid at Lauren’s wedding. Dustin is Jessica’s younger brother & Jake’s college friend. Lauren is Dustin’s wife. Jake was handsome and charming and didn’t mind her high-strung tendencies. She was gleaming and excited and didn’t mind his shy predisposition. It was Kismet.


We want to keep our friends and family updated on what’s going on in our life. From the projects we’ve decided to spend their gift certificate money on to sharing photos of our furbaby. Staying connected is our objective. Blogging is also our motivation for progress.


It’s our wedding date; October 21st, 2010. Easy to remember. Easy to type. Easy to say.


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