Silver Dollar Lake Trail

Back on 6.14 we tried hiking up to Silver Dollar Lake. Because the folks we were hiking with planned on meeting up at the trailhead around 7a we left home at 5…that’s FIVE AM. F.i.v.e. in the morning. We drove through/past Georgetown (an adorable mountain town). It was a beautiful drive up Guanella pass (my first scenic byway) to the trail head.

Remembering breakfast isn’t my forte and Panera can’t possibly be counted on for a quick bagel sandwich I thought…’why not leave Mr. Awesomesauce, the breakfast man in charge of breakfast?’ Best idea I’ve had. We whipped up some of his delicious Breakfasta Burritos (more on those later) friday night, wrapped them in foil and stashed them in the fridge until we woke up. The first thing I did after rolling out of bed was turn the oven to 350 and place those bad boys in. By the time we were ready to walk out the door they were perfectly reheated and delicious on the drive up.

BOOM! Finally found the perfect pre-hike breakfast! and it only took 4 months, ha.2014-06-14 08.04.39

2014-06-14 08.04.37

On to hiking. The first lake you come across on this trail is Naylor Lake, which is privately owned so eyes only and from a distance. But, man oh man was it pretty.


2014-06-14 08.30.21


then onto Silver Dollar Lake. First we must cross a glacier. Talk about risky business!! I’m the only one who almost fell and I did that twice! 100_0050


100_0047after we made it across the glacier and trekked up a bit further there were more of these glaciers. No thanks! I did not want to break any of my body parts way up here! so Jake & I tried taking an alternate route, up the long way around the snow fields. All was well for a while.

then we spotted a cougar. Baaaaaaaack down the trail we went. not staying or moving further there! no way, no how.

DSC_245620We met up with our hiking buddies and took a nice long break soaking up the sun, views and the outdoors (which is really starting to become addictive I might add). Sadly no one made it to Silver Dollar Lake however i’m sure we’ll be making another trip up later this summer to try again.








On the way back home we took Guanella pass up to Mount Bierstadt one of the 14ers (on the right) and Sawtooth. Great views, just astonishing.

DSC_247933Let me show you a ‘real’ shot of these places…here’s the parking lot at Bergen around noon thirty. I always think it’s interesting people show you what the mountains look like but no one really shows the ‘reality’ of visiting some of these places. 072714A_1Further down Guanella Pass before B we stumbled across Coney Island. Apparently the best hotdogs in the entire state. Jake tried one and was wowed.



Miles hiked: 3.7
Altitude gained: 1,287ft
*Post holes: >10
Wildlife spotted: Marmot, Cougar, Cute gerbil/rat like beasties & grey squirrels
*’Post holing’ is when your legs sink into the snow as you try to walk across




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2 thoughts on “Silver Dollar Lake Trail

  1. ten21ten says:

    There were definitely chipmunks but also these weird overgrown mice too!

  2. Julie says:

    Gerbil like creatures possibly chipmunks?

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