Bergen Peak

Bergen Peak - 4 (1)On April 4th we tackled Bergen Peak outside Evergreen, CO. We started out a little later than usual, as in after 8a, so we ran into a little more foot traffic than we typically do which wasn’t really an issue.

Bergen Peak - 4.4 (21)

Bergen Peak - 4.4 (23)This out and back trail was easy to follow, but at this time of the year we ran into quite a bit of snow. Quite a bit. The air was crisp and clean with a bit of highway noise towards the beginning.

Bergen Peak - 4 (4)There are two magnificent overlook points. One, closer to the beginning of Bergen Peak Trail.

Bergen Peak - 4.4 (16)The second was a mile from the summit.

Bergen Peak - 4.4 (24)That last mile up the summit we felt like mountaineers. Snow covered the trail so thickly our tracks were the only foot prints up there. It was gorgeous!

Bergen Peak - 4.4 (19)

Bergen Peak - 4.4 (29)

Bergen Peak - 4.4 (42)

Bergen Peak - 4.4 (41)There are a few Jessica-isms from this trip that MUST be shared.

Let me begin this one with the following disclaimer: I didn’t have a compass and, at least for me, when you’re up there it’s hard to get your bearings. We summit (more on that later) and I’m looking at flat land, awestruck. I’m misty eyed with the sheer beauty of the landscape and our view.

I look down over flat planes and sigh “wow, this is amazing” followed by the declaration “I’m seeing NEVADA! Is that VEGAS?!”

“That’s Denver dear.” Jake standing over my shoulder kindly replied.

“oh. . . well that’s mildly disappointing.” HA! Bergen Peak - 4.4 (26)

Second Jessica-ism wasn’t fully realized until several days after our hike. I was so proud to have summited a real peak, something substantial, I’d worked pretty hard to get up there and back down without much complaint, the view was majestic. I’m sharing with co-workers this awesome experience and our wise guide Rick piped up…

“So you went around to the little radio tower just a few feet behind the rocky overlook right?”
“No, not me, someone else did but not me.” I replied skeptically “Why?”
“Well that radio tower the real summit…you were just a few feet away!”
“Your KIDDING ME?!” I reply in near fury.

We made that 9.4 mile hike up through snow, down through ice worried about a snow storm the whole way and i didn’t even actually SUMMIT!??! not cool.

We’ll just have to try again later this summer.

Bergen Peak - 4 (6)Miles hiked: 9.4 (Making this the longest hike we’ve taken so far)

Altitude gained: 2,100ftBergen Peak - 4.4 (46)
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