Coors Tour

IMG_0022In the quiet and quaint town of Golden you will find the Coors factory. They happen to give free tours. We happened to have a free Sunday afternoon. Perfect-o!

I’d been told to take the ‘long’ tour which is about 45 minutes long. Apparently the ‘short tour’ is simply a ride in the elevator to a lounge. (Booooring!) I’ll try not to spoil anything but it was a fun & educational tour.

IMG_0004On ‘the long tour’ you’re shown through the majority of the facility, you get to see the barley being roasted, the beer being brewed and learn all about how Adolph Coors kept his company afloat during the prohibition era. Did you know he invented aluminum drinking cans? We were told he didn’t mind sharing his invention with others so it wasn’t copyrighted.  We also learned Mr. Coors chose Golden because of the natural Rocky Mountain springs. ‘Tap the Rockies’ was a catchy slogan but it’s also truth!



The building on the Right is part of the original factory and the section on the left is new, interestingly enough our guide said that if new equipment is purchased and won’t fit into the current building, sections of the concrete can be removed to make room…innovative!




Verdict: DO IT! It’s fun even if you’re not a beer person, seeing a cool and ridiculously old factory was pretty neat; do I need to remind you it’s absolutely FREE?!


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One thought on “Coors Tour

  1. Julie says:

    It was fun – and free! Lol

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