Signs of a Great Day


There’s one way I can always tell if a day is going to be great: the Beatles come on the radio or Muzak.

No seriously. I don’t have a highfalutin’ Bluetooth radio or mp3 auto-connect device in my car so when I’m on the way to work and BLAMO the Beatles come on…BOOM! Insta-great day.

I remember my BFF & I were on a cruise int he Bahamas (haaaaaad to throw that in) on the first we were sitting at breakfast and “Obladi Oblada” came over the music system and we just knew it was going to be a day of sheer awesome (well duh, we were in the BAHAMAS, but still).

Although not as strong or sure, there’s another sign that the day will be great. I call it the “Great radio morning”. Have you ever driven to work and every song on the radio is a ‘sing as loud as you can’ good? (think Queen, Maroon 5, or The Eagles) A “Great Radio Morning” is where ALL the songs played on your commute are those kind of songs.

How can a day be anything less than fantastic if your commute is full of energetic singing, head bobbing and finger drumming?!

I loooove those mornings! I sing so loud it’s embarrassing and more often than not it makes me laugh out loud. I look like an idiot to other sad commuters but I  just. don’t. care.  why?



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