Dakota Ridge a.k.a. Dino Ridge

Dakota Ridge - 3.29 (22)March 29th Jake & I decided to trek Dakota Ridge just the 2 of us. We were told it wasn’t too bad, a short 1.5 mile hike out and back, nothing too intense.  Correct it’s short, absolutely no insane terrain but when you start at the northern end of the ridge at the dinosaur gift shop it’s a pretty steep incline. We looked (and felt) a little silly walking up the road with our full hiking gear on, beside tourists in flip-flops. Then we got to the real trail, not feelin’ so silly now!

Dakota Ridge - 3.29 (8)It felt like a steady climb up but it offered pretty nice views of Morrison and the front range to the west and sweeping views of … Lakewood? to the east.

Dakota Ridge - 3.29 (20)

Dakota Ridge - 3.29 (21)I just love the way the elements change the shape of trees on our hikes. They are all twisted, warbly and weather/wind whipped I can’t help but stop and take photos left and right.

This one reminded me of an octopus. Dakota Ridge - 3.29 (19)


Dakota Ridge - 3.29 (9)

I mean, look at the bark on this guy…so interesting!Dakota Ridge - 3.29 (18)

Dakota Ridge - 3.29 (14)

This photo makes me chuckle a bit because I was trailblazing along and didn’t notice the path lead down the slope Jake’s taking here and I just marched myself down the smooth rocks. I have a knack for not taking the simpler way.

Dakota Ridge - 3.29 (30)

See this guy? what character!!

Dakota Ridge - 3.29 (13)There were some really cool dinosaur prints and fascinating shale layersDakota Ridge - 3.29 (11)Dakota Ridge - 3.29 (12)

Overall it was a real treat going out just the two of us.

Dakota Ridge - 3.29 (4)

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