Worst Habits – Jess

Everyone has bad habits…mine?

  1. I only floss about once a quarter.
  2. I rapid fire questions before people can really answer.
  3. Reloading the dishwasher after Jake already did a great job.

I have well over 3 but for the sake of brevity, let’s leave it at 3!

So to replace these bad habits I’ll try for these 3 good ones:

  1. Floss once a week (I know: “gross”,  but it’s an improvement!).
  2. Breathe between all the questions I feel it’s necessary to ask.
  3. Let Mr. Awesomesauce load the Magic Cube (aka the dishwasher) however he wants.

One thought on “Worst Habits – Jess

  1. MOM says:

    Good start!

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