Apartment Tour

I’ve noticed few people are on the fence when it comes to apartment, or ‘multi-family’, living. In general people seem to see the pros (no lawn care, no responsibility for maintenance, a pool!) or they’re very focused on the cons (noise, parking, monthly payments on something not owned).  Currently we fall into the category of people who adore apartment living, aside from carrying a week’s worth of groceries up 3 flights of stairs.

We thought you may enjoy a little ‘before’ photo tour of our place. These were all taken within a month of moving in last year.

Looking from the west side of our livingroom to the kitchen/dining area. Izzy’s a ham.livingroom to kitchenThe south wall/area of the living room. livingroomOur entry hallway…complete with box spring that lived there for at least a month.Hallway

a full view of our dining area and a bit of the living room:dining room I find it hilarious that the first room to be completely finished, art on the walls and all is the kitchen.  Nothing feels like home until the kitchen is done in my opinion.

kitchen 1


kitchen2 On to the ‘den’ that extra bedroom that isn’t equipped with a light or closet we use as an office/guest room. Straight on:

'office' center off to the left (the south wall)

'office' southand the Northwest corner

'office' nw cornerthe northeast corner

'office' se cornerdown this hall on the left is our laundry area and the first door on the right is the bathroom

Hallway2inside the bathroom (painted all by myself – 9 foot walls and all! – WITHOUT A STEPSTOOL glad the kitchen table fits in the bathroom!!)

bathroom e

bathroom s

bathroom N

bathroom sand last but not least our bedroom…my side then Jake’s

bedroom north

bedroom SuthAiming for a Restoration Hardware meets comfy-cozy we are trying to blend courageous colors with grey neutrals and ‘raw’ looking materials and of course, it’s not Jake & Jess (primarily Jess) if it’s not loaded with vintage finds.

 There you have it, our home about a month after moving in.  Now that we’ve been here almost a year and a half I’m happy to say it’s more unpacked and…lovelier. I’ll try to finagle a video tour soon!

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