Summer List – 2014

Each season we make a list of fun things to do to celebrate and enjoy life. “The List” is our way of remembering to enjoy where we’re at right now,  to avoid creating ruts and to stay in touch with the things that excite us about each season. We don’t bother with doing these activities in any order, and I can’t remember the last time we did EVERYTHING on the list but I can remember having a great time trying! Her’s our list this summer:

  1. Go to the Drive-In
  2. Attend a fun / weird festival
  3. Play with water guns
  4. Fly a kite
  5. GO CAMPING!!!
  6. MAKE Salsa
  7. Try canning jam/jelly
  8. Become a locovore (by shopping at the local farmer’s market)
  9. Elich Gardens
  10. Make snocones
  11. BBQ
  12. Ride bikes?
  13. Zip line at Cave of the Winds
  14. Hike Pike’s Peak
  15. Patio drinks
  16. Go to the Zoo
  17. Create an Egg Painting
  18. Demolition Derby
  19. Go to a State/County fair
  20. Make Popsicles
  21. Tie Dye
  22. Firecrackers
  23. Go swimming
  24. Mini-Golf
  25. Mid-week picnic lunch
  26. Garage Sale Saturday
  27. Clean the patio closet
  28. Try an outdoor game
  29. Watch the sunset over the great divide
  30. Make a citronella candle
  31. Festify the patio
  32. Host a photo scavenger hunt (with a real prize)
  33. Summer Game Night
  34. Video game tournament
  35. Cherry Creek
  36. Photos of Castle Rock
  37. Stargazing
  38. Homemade ice cream
  39. Learn a new 2 person game

I’m not sure if we’ll get to everything on the list but I’m sure it will be really fun trying! We will absolutely share our projects and fun adventures with you!

What will you do to celebrate Summer this year?

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One thought on “Summer List – 2014

  1. […] July we were able to hang out with family and cross Fireworks & Homemade Ice Cream off of our Summer List. It was […]

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