Mt. Falcon – West

We (I) haven’t been keeping you properly updated on our hiking adventures and lessons learned. Back on March 16th we tackled Mt. Falcon West, the other side of this hike…the one where you start at the top…muuuuch easier on the legs and lungs. Cousin Katy joined in on this hike!

Jess, Kate, Natalie & Jake - Mt. Falcon West - 3.16.14

This was our fourth trip out. Things I remembered:

  1. Eat Breakfast
  2. Don’t leave the stuff you actually remembered to bring  in the car
  3. Wear layers and sunscreen.
  4. Have a destination and enjoy taking your time getting there!

IMG1310Things I learned:

  1. Don’t leave the bacon on the stove and walk away to get dressed…it will turn to ash and the apartment will smoke up like it’s on fire. Not wise to do this with the eggs either.
  2. The early morning crew at Panera isn’t fast.
  3. If you have a destination in mind share it with the group, plans my change and you may be out of the loop!

Mt. Falcon West 2 - 3.16.14

First things first. The west side of Mt. Falcon is beautiful and has 3 distinct spots to rest, hangout and take lots of photos: a Fire Lookout Tower, Castle Ruins and the Summit. My goal was to see all three, and take a nice little sitting rest while enjoying my Cliff bar at the tower or the summit. My mind was set. This is what we were going to do.

Kate & Jake 2- Walker Home Ruins - 3.16.14In my opinion the big bonus to hiking this side of the Mountain was the breath-taking views begin almost as soon as you get out of the car. Also, the Castle Ruins were just a short walk from the parking lot, nothing like getting the ball rolling quick! One down, two to go.Kate & Denver - 3.16.14 As we hit the fork in our trail we found out the more scenic trails were still snow-covered and fairly impassable without the proper boots. This caused a plan change I didn’t realize (I’m still working on my navigation/critical thinking skills here) that, duh, those trails led to both the summit AND the fire tower…boo!   Instead of rationally coming to this conclusion I kept walking, following Natalie and Jake, thinking they would take us, on another trail, to these sites.I kept walking, feeling a little hungry, anxious for a cool down and rest, thinking “where IS this fire tower?! That’s where we’re taking a Cliff Bar/water/rest break!” at one point, I’d had it. I wanted a break, to sit, to rest my feet so I plopped down on a stump and declared I would be resting.

Jake - Mt. Falcon West - 3.16.14Poor Cousin Katy. Poor Natalie. Poor Jake. Trying to motivate me to keep moving because the car would be close and we’d grab a bite to eat in Morrison. No. I wasn’t having it. This was the worst display of my fatigue ever. I’m not kidding. I sat my rump on the stump and told everyone to move along with out me, eventually when I felt like moving I’d catch up. Of course I’m mortified by my actions NOW but at that moment I had no shame. BUT I can say I have a wonderfully patient husband who will no doubt make an excellent parent to toddlers, and tremendously patient, kind, and non-judgmental friends in Katy and Natalie. They waited patiently with words of encouragement “you can do it!” “Let’s finish this!!” “awwww, you’re doing so great!”. Those two are seriously wonderful people.

Needless to say, even without the other 2 ‘attractions’ we had a good time, this was a beautiful hike. I’m sure we’ll give it another go this summer…for the summit and that fire tower. Whether or not Katy has the patience left for me I’m not sure but I can promise I’ll try to be less of a whiner. Jake & Jess - Mt. Falcon West - 3.16.14


ps. almost forgot Katy & Natalie took us to “the BEST Mexican food” in Morrison at the Morrison Inn …they were right it was delicious. Jake looked like he had a harem at our table of 3 ladies! HAHA.


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