Staycation Photos: Days 1 – 3.5

IMG_0010We walked you through our choice to ‘staycation’, how we created our itinerary, tips on finding great deals to stay on budget, and even suggestions on making your home feel like a 5 star retreat.  Now time for our photos!!


IMG_0005The Air Force Academy base is located in the foothills and it feels surrounded by beautiful mountains. We were both amazed at how gorgeous the location was. Bonus: the museum is free, there’s a short hike to get to the chapel (great for leg stretching), and the chapel, below, is a stunning blend of architecture and art.

IMG_0010Jake took some non-blurry photos of the chapel’s intricate stained glass but this shot highlighted the rainbow effect. (and he hasn’t edited his photos yet – tisk tisk)

After having lunch at Hu-hot and a discussion over navigation we stopped at the Olympic training facily, another remarkably free event. The eternal torch above, set against the mountains was a lovely view.  Side story: There’s a giant staircase leading up here along the side of the building. OBVIOUSLY they want us to climb it and admire the fire. Jake wasn’t so sure, after several minutes of convincing to get him up here, I simply started marching up the stairs; he hesitantly followed suit.US With Olympic flameThey have memorabilia from all of the events held in the US, we posed with this one because my grandmother actually won a trip to attend in ’86.Us with 86 TorchWhy yes, that’s an official torch that was carried in the tour (or whatever it’s called) that Jake’s holding! WE HELD OLYMPIC TORCHES!! They refused to light it for me.

Jake with torch EDITED

View from the middle of the campus – heavenly.

IMG_0016ok so i’m not a fan of this pic at all…my stubby arms don’t really make for great selfies BUT behind me is the pool that Michael Phelps trained in. According to our tour guide (who was FANTASTIC) Phelps swam across the pool with both of those weights fully loaded as a HIGH SCHOOLER! seriously not a fan of me in this photo but…meh.IMG_0018

Day 2: Valentine’s Day at Garden of the Gods

I had a really random urge to shove my binoculars in my purse for our trip to Garden of the Gods…BEST RANDOM IDEA EVER. if you go I must insist you pack a pair – or borrow mine.IMG_0009 (2)and of course don’t forget the camera.Jake w cameraBAM! Those Binos in use…best random idea award goes to me! (as usual)IMG_0023 (2)HA!

IMG_0014 (2)

Us with heart rock @ GOGBecause our Garden of the Gods visit fell on Valentine’s Day we were super excited to find this perfect heart to pose in.  For dinner we drove home and tried the highly recommended “Sienna at the Courtyard” downtown Castle Rock. AMAZING FOOD and magnificent service! We tried at least 5 times to get the name of the restaurant in the background of this shot, impossible when there’s over a foot difference in height between us, but we had a hilarious time trying!

IMG_0035 (2)

Day 3: Cave of the WindsIMG_0001We look stunned and psycho because caves are DARK and camera flashes are blinding – not my best idea ever.IMG_0032some cool stalactites IMG_0040A really really old legend has it if a young lady throws her hair clip onto the ledge and it stays without falling to the ground within the year she’ll find a spouse. Not a worry here but it was fun trying.  IMG_0043Pulling out of Cave of the Winds we took the wrong turn and instead of heading down to the Trading Post we got lost – by Jake’s definition not mine. Jake’s definition of lost: not knowing where we’re going or how to get there. My definition of lost: the inability to backtrack.

We’ll share more of the trip and what happens when we get ‘lost’ … stay posted!


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One thought on “Staycation Photos: Days 1 – 3.5

  1. MOM says:

    Thank you so much for sharing and telling the story behind each picture.
    Loved it!
    Love you two and see you soon 🙂

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