Meet Walter (and Cronkite)

On our Staycation in the Colorado Springs area we discovered the American Classics Marketplace (caution the link auto-plays an into video). We were NOT expecting the sheer magnitude of this store. We only had 45 minutes, barely enough time to complete a fraction of the store! Two weeks later we were able to go back. After 4 hours we had to leave, our allocated funds were spent and if we finished the last fourth of the store we would’ve had to eat pancakes or potatoes all week. These things just had to come home with us (it would’ve been cruel to leave them):

WalterWalter, can you believe he was only $25?! I almost felt guilty taking him for that price. He makes the perfect crafting chair.

Cromkiteand Cronkite; which is perfect for my crafting supplies.

Some stellar deals on a few Atari games (in the box with the directions!!), a nifty car decal…and a really cool ‘rod tape’—$3!

Our favorite thing about this antique store is the prices…they’re Missouri antique shop prices…which is hard to find in Colorado REALLY hard to find in Colorado.

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