Staycationing: Creating an itinerary

When we decided to do a 4 day staycation we picked an area of focus – Colorado Springs & Pike’s Peak. Our goal: to see some awesome stuff and do things we wouldn’t do on the average weekend. We Googled the heavens out of the area, asked everyone for suggestions (co-workers, friends, family, clients, the UPS man). This was a great start. After we populated a massive list of attractions we began narrowing it down.

We wanted to be busy but still relaxed so we kept our itinerary down to 3 attractions per day and included only one event/attraction that had an admission fee per day- if that. Once we decided on 12-15 attractions we started hunting for ‘local deals’ and ‘off season’ pricing. We saved a ton of money by doing this! Colorado treats it’s residence well and the off season pricing is as low or lower than 50% off. We were methodical about each day’s plan as well. The day’s attractions were all within a 5-10 mile radius of one another. Maximizing our commute time just like we would’ve done on a ‘real’ vacation.

Now, before you say ‘WHOAH! That’s a lot of planning!’ I wasn’t a task master, and to be honest we only did 1 or 2 attractions every day. There was just so much to see at each place that we didn’t want to rush. Maintaining flexibility was key for us–okay me. I had to remember we were on vacation, not just checking things off a to-do list.

Here’s a peek at our itinerary for day 1:

Thursday, February 13

Day 1

Time / Fee




8:30a Home Cinnamon Rolls

Travel Time

9:00a Depart home 10:00a Arrive Colorado Springs

Air Force Base

10:00a 2306 Sijan Drive, CO 80840(719) 333-2636 Free! (30 Min drive to Next event)

Olympic Training Facility

11:30a 1750 E Boulder StCo Spgs, CO 80909 FREE / Open 9a – 4p


Somewhere in the Springs

Pulpit Rock

2:00 1910 Rimwood Dr.N of Austin Bluffs Pkwy, E of N. Nevada Ave, W of N. Academy Blvd Two trailheads – see map attached


Colorado Springs Antique markets, Bead Shops, ENTERTAINMART! etc.


Somewhere in the Springs

Travel Time

7:30 p Depart Colorado Springs 8:30p Arrive Home

We didn’t hike pulpit rock, instead we stopped at an antique market then headed home, we were just pooped. See…I was flexible. Later when sightseeing at Garden of the Gods took an entire day where I’d planned only half a day…it was no biggie….neither of us had ever been there! If we had driven across three states or flown in to see it I would’ve cared less about how long we took because it was vacation.  This is the mindset to keep on a staycation.

Our tips for creating an itinerary:

  1. Ask around! Google the area, see what’s around.
  2. Hunt around for coupons (we found a buy one get a free item coupon!) and ask for local/off season discounts.
  3. Plan your days with just a hair more than you think you can do. If you get to it cool, if not it’s in your back yard…go back later! – this prevents the ‘what should we do next’ conundrum.
  4. Be realistic, it wouldn’t be fun to drive 100 miles between event #1 and stop #2.
  5. Leave room for the unexpected – strict adherence to your itinerary won’t allow you accidentally find that awesome bakery with the strangely delicious vegan/gluten free cupcakes–why would you want to deprive yourself of that interesting and unique experience?!
  6. AGREE on locations and attractions – this should be just like a vacation: Mutually enjoyable.
  7. Be open-minded – just because something is a few miles from home doesn’t mean it’s not cool.
  8. DO NOT GO TO THE SAME RESTAURANTS/LOCATIONS YOU NORMALLY VISIT!!!!!! your favorite Thursday night mexican restaurant should not appear on your itinerary!

Next we’ll fill you in on how we made home feel like a 5 star hotel.

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  1. MOM says:

    Aweson Thank you for some ideas!!!

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