Staycationing: “Should I stay or should I go?”

In mid-February we took a vacation, at home. “Staycations” are basically a vacation taken in your back yard or near home. In the recession these “Staycations” became rather popular, however we are just too broke to go on a ‘real’ vacation. Additionally 2014 is shaping up to be a wildly fun year for travel to family: Jake’s sister is getting married this spring and my brother & his wife are having their first kid this summer, then toss in a couple of ‘reunions’ and WOW! It’s going  to be a whirlwind of flights and travel! Which meant getting out of Colorado just didn’t seem feasible.

The decision started during the holiday season, which was insane for us this year. It’s my first time working in a retail environment where my employment agreement actually states I am not allowed any time off between Black Friday and New Years Day and Jake’s bank was short staffed so he wasn’t really allowed time off during this time either. Man, that was killer! I could tell we needed some time to recover, mentally we were drained and as a couple we weren’t really spending quality time together – work, dinner, netfilx, bed isn’t really an ideal marriage groove. We agreed that in February when we could burn some of that carryover PTO we would take a couple days off – for just the two of us.

Here’s what our decision making process looked like:

Staycation decisionJust because we decided to stay in Colorado for our vacation doesn’t mean we stayed home watching TV, eating delivery and going to bed before 9. We got up, left home and saw some seriously spectacular sights just miles from our driveway.

Next step…the nitty gritty of making a staycation just as exciting as a trip far, far away!

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