New Hobby

Denver Bead Renissance 2aI’ve recently been trying my hand at a new hobby: Beading. or in my case more aptly called: Jewelry making (I haven’t dabbled in intricate tiny bead designs/work yet). It’s like a whole new world, an entire subculture of folks who make their own wearable art. I’m still a novice and getting the hang of things. However to be honest it’s really neat. Being able to look at something on a rack in nearly any store and know I have the ability to make it, in the colors or materials I choose! It’s pretty empowering.

Denver Bead Renissance Seads 2aIt can be a little overwhelming for me too though. As with any hobby, there are varying quality points and price points that accompany it. Also what determines the value of each item varies as well – for instance I love emeralds. I can think up a design for say a necklace and when I head into a store for real emeralds I’m faced with what feels like 90 different options. Do I want natural emeralds, natural but dyed gems, or synthetic man-made stones? Then I can take into consideration where in the world do I want them to have originated? Okay after that myriad of decisions now what size, what shape fit best into my design? wow! The options are endless!  This is where it gets overwhelming for me. Sooo many options.

Denver Bead Renissance beadsShortly after picking up the hobby, I attended a bead show. Vendors from all over, selling all types of tools and supplies. This show was medium in size but still overwhelmingly awesome.  Even better? at these bead shows one gets to purchase at wholesale…waaaaay better on the pocketbook!

Denver Bead Renissance chains 1I’m always taken aback by how cool my new hobby is and how friendly and helpful most bead store owners are. Walk in, ask for a pointer or tip and they’ll let you use their tools to test and learn, right then and there at no cost –sometimes. Even better? I’ve wrangled Jake into this endeavor as well; he has a terrific eye for style and design. His finished items receive compliments all the time!

When was the last time you picked up a new hobby?

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