Glitter Tacks

step 2 - fine Glitter A friend and I started ‘pinterest lunches’. Once a month or so we decide on a pinned craft that should take about an hour to complete, we bring in the supplies and over lunch BOOM a pin becomes reality.

A few months ago we gave these glitter thumbtacks a go. It was simple, quick, fun and now my bulletin board has SPARKLES!

1 package of boring thumbtacks
Glue (which I forgot so we used Modge-Podge–classic Jessica)
Assorted Glitter
Dimensional Magic Glue

Dab or dip the tacks in glue, sprinkle with glitter. Let dry and top with some dimensional glue.

step 2 - fine Glitter

Step 3We found that the finer glitters look better / smoother and that Aileen’s dimensional Magic glue can leave nubbs. I just pinched mine off and flattened with my thumb.Globber 2

Natalie’s on the other hand were pro-quality and lovely, smooth edges,with even glittering. There’s the difference between a dive in head first crafter (me) and a gal who takes her time, lines up the goods and finishes neatly–“the proof is in the pudding” as they say. I’d make these again and next time, maybe I’ll use the right materials and the right amount of patience.

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