Rock Park – Castle Rock, CO

Jake's Pic

Jake in cove

We hiked Rock Park! It was a perfect Sunday afternoon activity and the park is only few blocks from home. The weather was beautiful – a sunny 52 with really low humidity – and we had absolutely nothing to do all afternoon.

Jake's Shot

Jake's Shot of Pike's Peak(There’s a terrific view of Pike’s Peak)

The trail is about a 1.4 mile loop with an elevation gain of 370 feet. Not a long hike with a meager elevation gain but for 2 rather sedentary people it was a fantastic start.

Rock Park 020114

Jess on ledge

Jess in cove

Jake in cove3

Jess on Boulder

Jake in cove2

cliff 6


Jake & Pike's Peak_1

Balance 2

Jake 3020114(I’m pretty proud of my editing skills on this one)

Stairs at Rock Park 2020114

Jake's Pic

Jake at Rock Park020114

Jake's Pic

Jake's Pic

Jake's Pic

Jake's Pic

Jake's Pic

I was pretty pleased, I didn’t trip, fall or experience any sharp chest pains…seriously, I’m so out of shape and unhealthy,  that was a real concern. The views were great & the cardio outdoors was a great change of pace.Jake's PicTechnically the parks department prohibits climbing the infamous butte (but I see people up there all the time).  We didn’t climb the beast this trip. There were a few families headed up, because it’s not recommended you’ve got to get very physical with the boulder. We have no doubt we’d be able to climb it; but we were both wearing our every-day jeans and splitting or ripping those wasn’t an option.

Ultimately we were able to dig into our Guidelines for Better Living together:

Become Healthier – Both of us
Enjoy my Hobbies – Jake
Climb a 14er – Jess (yes this isn’t a 14er but I gotta start somewhere!)

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