4th Word

I read a post on my (imaginary) friend Meg’s blog about how she’ll chose one word that becomes her focus for that year. In addition to our guidelines for better living WE now pick out a word for the year. Only instead of doing this in January we do it on our anniversary in October (I just forgot to post it)  The word we selected for our 4th year of marriage is:


Balance stretches through an entire person and penetrates into who we are and how we live life. We’ve heard it a lot in Colorado “Yah, the work/life balance is important!” and a quick Google search shows the work/life balance is becoming a popular trend but finding balance goes deeper for us. Our word this year isn’t really a teeter-totter of two things trying to find harmony

tetter-totterand more like a crazy web we need to morph into something more like a bulls-eye.

Publication1 (This web reminds me of a giant plate of spaghetti)

Of course each bubble has it’s own mini-bubbles: Finance = bills, debt, school loans, savings, goals. Until i t was mapped out like this, I really didn’t see how insane life can get.

These last 3 months we have taken several strides :

setting up appointments (with physicians, dentists and financial institutions)
getting the apartment organized
working on maintaining a clean environment
making time for friends
cooking at home
undertaking a spending fast

But we still have a long way to go. If our goal was mapped out on a Candyland board we’d barely be passing the peppermint forest. We are continuing to move along this path and hopefully when we celebrate our 4th anniversary in October we’ll be able look back and see the beautiful journey we’ve taken together this year (from our new Zen-like point of view).

So if you were to pick ONE WORD to focus your strength and mind on for an entire year, what would it be?

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