Jake’s Guidelines for Better Living

This year I’ve talked Jake into setting (and sharing) his Guidelines for Better Living too!

Here’s what his Guidelines for Better Living in 2014 look like:

Read 10 books — (win for me he’s starting in on Dark Places by Gillian Flynn!)

Enjoy my HobbiesPhotography & design.

Become Healthier

Focus on Who I am rather than what I own or how much I make

We’re working on formulating measurable outcomes for each of these. Those last two are a little tricky. However we have been doing this “No Spend First Quarter“. We’re only purchasing the necessities, nothing extra (no video games, no restaurant food, NOTHING) to hopefully bring value back to what we already have like that SNES we have packed away or the Nikon D600 that’s been in it’s case far too long or that MOUNTAIN RANGE calling our names.

Did you make any resolutions (or ‘Guidelines for better Living’)? What were they and how are they coming along?


2 thoughts on “Jake’s Guidelines for Better Living

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