Clean Pillows

Pillow ProjectI don’t know what it is but Jake’s pillows become really dingy and …well…gross. Now I’ve been known to drool all over a nice pillow, but this is a whole different beast, yellowing and dingy. Rumor has it this is sweat, which makes sense; and my significant other isn’t the only one. My mom and a friend mentioned this happens to their other half’s pillows too!  In December we decided to just chuck the nasty ones and buy a new set after the Holidays. Then ‘No Spend 1st Quarter’ hit…so I got resourceful and began work.

I found Jillee’s blog post via Pinterest and thought, ‘Psh, it’s worth a shot.’ AND BLAMO! It’s amazing. Here’s the recipe:

Super Hot water
1 cup of laundry detergent
1 cup powdered dishwasher detergent
1 cup bleach
1/2 cup borax

After reading several of the comments I decided to soak ONE item at a time as long as possible – at least 6 hours – in hot water and to then run the ‘regular’ wash cycle with a cup of bleach on the warm/cold setting.

First the pillow ‘protectors’, then one pillow at a time and finally a set of white sheets we’ve had for 3 years (again, one large item at a time with all pillow cases at once).  Each item came out looking either 85% better or like new.

I only ran into one hiccup: I forgot a pillow in the washer for 2 days – classic Jessica move – and that thing was really hateful about giving up all the water it soaked up. Solution: 2 spin cycles and an entire day in the dryer.

My verdict: a must for dingy pillows (or any whites).

AND Jillee’s blog “One Good Thing” has become one I follow regularly; she has some fantastic other tips I can’t wait to try!

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