Lodge-y Ornaments: Burlap Balls

As we mentioned earlier we’ve decided on a “Lodge” theme for our Christmas Decor this year. We like the idea of a traditional, woodsie, outdoors-ish cozy feel especially set against the beautiful Colorado backdrop! Last week we started in on some of the ornaments. Here’s another quick simple and fun project:

Burlap Balls:IMG_0003

Brown Paint
Paint Brush/Sponge
Tape/glue dots
Styrofoam balls

This is nearly the exact same thing as the yarn balls we just covered the painted spheres in burlap instead of yarn.


Cut strips varying in width from the roll of burlap – This stuff sheds like crazy and the fragments are ITCHY! Glad I didn’t do this on the sofa, but next time we’ll cut these over the table not our legs!


Used hot glue to stick the burlap on the foam.


IMG_0005(someone needs a manicure!)

IMG_0009Trimming the fringe gave us the ability to control how frayed or tidy we wanted them.

Tied a twine loop to hang them from our tree.

Another inexpensive, easy and simple holiday craft!

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