Brunch in Denver

Going to downtown Denver has a tendency to become an event for us. Take Izzy to daycare so we have all the time in the world, hit the light-rail to enjoy a ride instead of fighting traffic and parking, then we just walk, browse and enjoy the day outside.

As of yet we’ve only done this a few times but I absolutely love when we do. I am that goofball on the rail smiling and pointing like a tourist who has never been on public transit. While Jake sits across from me all ‘I do this all the time’ headphones, reading an IGN feed tuning all the people around us out, we can’t help but smirk at our contrasting experiences.

A couple of weekends ago we started off with a delicious brunch at Rialto Cafe. Jake ordered a sandwich named ‘The Mother of ALL sandwiches’ and it definitely lived up to it’s name! My crab benedict was also delicious.

IMAG0519-001After we were decently stuffed we headed up a few blocks to a very awesome little yarn and craft store called Wild Yarns. (I love the “Handmade Amazingness Inside” sign)IMAG0520Then we stopped at the original Tattered Cover Bookstore. Which was magnificently huge. We tried to get a photo of us with the sign but A) the sign was up 3 stories B) our height difference makes those selfies really really difficult. BUT we did happen to get another manhole cover shot for our collection.IMAG0522Later we grabbed a warm coffee and Jake spotted a guy watching the street, can you see him?IMAG0527

We stopped in a shop to pick up some Yeti decals for Jake. Sadly no pics there either…my camera battery died and of course I didn’t bring my phone along; and I guess Jake deleted them from his phone before I could save them down! Next time I’ll make sure the batteries are fully charged before heading out on an adventuresome day.

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