Organized: The Bathroom

Our ‘design goal’ with the bathroom was to have a tranquil spa feel, a place where relaxation comes naturally. On the surface we’ve done a decent job at creating that vibe. Take a peek inside closed doors and you’ll soon realize that feeling was only skin deep.

Jake’s drawer & cabinet:Jake's Bathroom Drawer Before

Jake's Bathroom Cabinet Before

Jessica’s drawer & cabinet:Jessica Bathroom Drawer Before

Jessica Bathroom Cabinet Before

Shared cabinet:Center Bathroom Cabinet Before

A half way organized view:Center Bathroom Cabinet After

Jake’s afters:Jake's Bathroom Drawer AfterHe went the extra mile and used a nice drawer liner:Jake's Bathroom Cabinet After

Jessica’s side (VAST improvement):Jessica's Bathroom Drawer After

Jessica's Bathroom Cabinet After

Center space finished:

Jake picked up a space saving shampoo/conditioner dispenser that was easy to instal and fill:Shampoo & Conditioner DispenserPinterest inspired us to pick up a basket for spare TP roll storage (which Izzy used to her advantage by running off with an entire new roll and shredding the WHOLE thing to bits):Trashcan, TP BasketWe were on a roll and unexpectedly started in on the ‘linen closet’. Using what we had just emptied, the tubs from my side now organize travel items and our shared ‘back stock’ of conditioners, body wash & toothpaste. Now drawers from Jake’s side are used for sorting and storing our first aide supplies and commonly used medications. I labeled these as soon as Jake asked “Where’s the Ibuprofen now?”Bathroom Closet After

Performing this cleaning and organizing miracle we used these, these, this and this with inserts, one of those, a couple of these, one of this and that. Again we’re very grateful for Jake’s employee discount without which this process would’ve taken at least 6 months! Now that zen feel isn’t just surface deep. AND if company comes over and happens to take a peek we’re in the clear, no skeletons here!

Be honest, do you take a peek into drawers, cabinets or medicine cabinets when you’re at someone’s house?

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