Viva the Employee Discount!

TCS StoreFor the last few months Jake has been working at one of my absolute favorite stores EVER…The Container Store. I’ve been the luckiest girl in the world these last several weeks because multiple times a week he’ll come home with a bag of goodies for me or the apartment. As if marrying someone with the same OCD tendencies wasn’t the BEST thing ever, having him work at that store definitely WAS!

Last weekend he said this magic phrase:

“Would you like to go to The Container Store and just pick up everything we’ve been wanting?”

It was like the sky opened and angels everywhere started singing. My response was “On what planet or alternate universe would I EVER say ‘NO’ to that?!”

I woke up on a Sunday at 6:30am and we were out the door by 9:30, it was like Christmas (no seriously I found out later this was my Christmas gift. A really good one at that) After 4 and a half hours of shopping which translated to 3 full carts, we loaded up the SUV full of supplies and headed home. Then in the car he said “Wanna go home and organize all our stuff?” SERIOUSLY?! this man was on a roll!

Our plunder and the Izzy:


We’ll be posting some before and after shots of our apartment organization overhaul!

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