The Great Pumpkin (& It’s Seeds)

It?s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown imageWe watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. I remember the first time I watched it, a few years back, I was so sad at the ending. I tried prepping Jake for the possible disappointment.  His take on the entire cartoon was DRASTICALLY different from mine. Jake’s focus was on the characters and how each personality is directly relational to people we encounter in life. Whipping out his college degree like that kinda ruined the fun, capricious act of watching a cartoon, but to be honest it made for a great conversation. It was way shorter than I remembered as well, but we had a good time hanging out with our cider and candy corn & peanut mix.

To check another item off our fall list I roasted the guts of my massive pumpkin. There were at least 3 full cups of seeds in that beast (sorry no pics). i was just going to toss them on a pan but Google Informed Jake we needed to boil them first. So, we did the following:

patted dry
sprayed a cookie sheet with PAM
Tossed the seeds with some salt, pepper and Garlic powder (i didn’t have garlic salt)
Baked at 250 for ? a long time…until I smelled a couple of them burning–again not my forte.

I ate a few handfuls and gave the rest away, we’re not huge fans of pumpkin seeds.


What’s your recipe for Roasted Pumpkin Seeds?

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2 thoughts on “The Great Pumpkin (& It’s Seeds)

  1. Julie says:

    that’s my boy 🙂 psycoanalyzing holiday cartoon shows…but you gotta admit the Peanuts characters are worth taking a look at…

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