Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

10.6.13 Pumpkin PatchLast weekend we crossed 2 items off our fall list: Visit a Pumpkin Patch & Make our way through a corn maze.

Growing up in rural Kansas the pumpkin patches I visited were real pumpkin farms where you walk out and literally pick  pumpkins from the vine. I haven’t since elementary school and Jake’s never done it. SO after some research, yes research, we’re so near Denver it’s a little difficult to find the ‘perfect’ farm, I found Mile High Farms. We drove out to Bennett, a town not much larger than Pomona, KS and just as quaint. I’m not joking or exaggerating when I say it’s literally the perfect place for pumpkin patching.

10.6.13 Mile High Farms EntryWe did the corn maze. Jake took us to the farthest point out and I pioneered us back out (without a MAP may I add!) 2 years ago we attempted a corn maze, however the corn was only about 5’3″ (taller than me) but shorter than Jake by about a foot–not fun. The corn at Mile High Farms was a good 12″ to 16″ taller than Jake WAHOO!

10.6.13 Corn taller than JakeInside they had ‘excavated’ dinosaur bones.

10.6.13 us with dino bonesAfter walking around we headed for the patch. I swear it had to be a square mile of pumpkins!10.6.13 Mile High Farms Pumpkin Patch

Jake inspected several pumpkins while hunting the “Perfect one”.10.6.13 Jake picking the perfect pumpkin (2)Once he found it I had to laugh out loud at his sheer joy:10.6.13 jake and the great pumpkin

He didn’t know i was snapping this shot, that is the look of a man who just found his version of perfection in a pumpkin! (cute right?!)

And of course I had to find the BIGGEST pumpkin. As I marched Napoleonic toward the biggest beasts many had outgrown their own shell and exploded out one side or another but this 24.6 pound one hadn’t yet!

10.6.13 us and our perfect pumpkinsAs we carried these back to the weigh station Jake let me know next time (and especially when we have kids) the rule of thumb will be only pumpkins you can carry back. I replied with ‘next time we’ll bring a wagon!’. As we nestled these guys in the car I realized pumpkin picking is very similar to shopping for a television: surroundings play a huge part in the perception of size.

10.6.13 Jakes pumpkin travels home safelyAll said and done, this turned an average afternoon into a grand adventure but I think pumpkin patching is a little more…magical?…when kids are involved.

Carving and seed roasting is up next!!

Do you have a favorite Pumpkin Patch?

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One thought on “Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

  1. Julie says:

    Looks like so much fun! Should I guess as to whose pumpkin is belted in? 🙂 We enjoyed going out to the pumpkin farm when we were in Nebraska. It was very “country” for a girl who thought pumpkins grew in display cases at the grocery store! Okay, not really…but being a city girl I can’t say I have had the corn maze experience – maybe someday! Found some “real” haunted places here for your next trip!

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