Shrunken Apple Heads

I have very very VERY fond memories of the fall season growing up. This is probably a huge contributor to it being ranked as my hands down favorite season. One of these memories is making “Shrunken Apple Heads”.  While we were making our fall list this year I added “Shrunken Heads” and Jake was beyond curious and probably calculating jail time until I added “shrunken AAAAAPPLE heads”.


9.29.13 Shrunken apple heads ingred

Apple Peeler
Knives or cutting kit (depending on how detailed you’d like to get)
Lemon juice
Dash Salt
Sticks (we used chopsticks)
9.29.13 Apple peels
  1. Peel apples
  2. Carve faces in apples (we found even fine cuts make giant caverns)
  3. Dip in solution made of water, lemon juice and salt (eeeh, any amount of each will do I’m sure)
  4. Firmly plant sticks into the core
  5. Let sit in a warm dry place for a few weeks (still…no definitive number here, remember this is a project I’m leading?!)

9.29.13 Jake carving Apple HeadsDay one photos:

9.29.13Shrunken apple heads day 1How they’re looking today:

10.7.13 Shrunken Apple HeadI gotta admit it’s really really fun doing a new project with my husband, he’s so curious it’s adorable. I caught him pouring a glass of water just staring at these heads with pride and an interest in how they would look after shrinking.

Have you ever made “Shrunken Apple Heads”?

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