Each season we make a list of fun things to do to celebrate and enjoy life. “The List” is our way of remembering to enjoy where we’re at right now,  to avoid creating ruts and to stay in touch with the things that excite us about each season. We don’t bother with doing these activities in any order, and I can’t remember the last time we did EVERYTHING on the list but I can remember having a great time trying! This fall our list looks like this:

  1. S’MORES!
  2. Visit a Haunted House
  3. Attend a High School Football Game (being in Marching band, something about this screams fall to me)
  4. Make a pot of Chili
  5. Run a 5k (bonus if it’s for charity)
  6. Decorate for fall
  7. Pick Apples
  8. Jack-o-Lanterns
  9. Go to a ‘real’ Pumpkin Patch
  10. The Denver Zombie crawl
  11. Whip up a loaf of Pumpkin bread
  12. Night at the Museums
  13. Enjoy some Apple Cider
  14. SCARE MONTH!!!
  15. Bake up some Apple Goodness
  16. Knit (bonus if I get to teach hake how)
  17. Roast Pumpkin Seeds
  18. Shrunken Apple Heads
  19. Hit up The Tattered Cover downtown Denver
  20. Make Pine-cone Bird feeders
  21. Attend an Oktoberfest
  22. Take a scenic drive
  23. Go to a Fall Festival
  24. Explore a local craft store
  25. Read a Goosebumps! book
  26. Wool Blanket Picnic
  27. Spend an afternoon at the park
  28. Watch “The Great Pumpkin”
  29. Make our way through a corn maze
  30. Visit either Estes Park or Rocky Mountain Park (hopefully these will be open in time!)

I’m not sure if we’ll get to everything on the list but I’m sure it will be really fun trying! We will absolutely share our projects and fun adventures with you!

What will you do to celebrate Autumn this year?

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3 thoughts on “FALL List

  1. […] check another item off our fall list I roasted the guts of my massive pumpkin. There were at least 3 full cups of seeds in that beast […]

  2. […] weekend we crossed 2 items off our fall list: Visit a Pumpkin Patch & Make our way through a corn […]

  3. […] One of these memories is making “Shrunken Apple Heads”.  While we were making our fall list this year I added “Shrunken Heads” and Jake was beyond curious and probably calculating […]

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