Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close; Movie Edition

We watched Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close shortly after I finished the book.  Neither of us were thrilled, we heard it was highly emotional and sad–who wants to sit through 2 hours of a sad emotional movie on their free time?! Never the less we sat down and enjoied the Oscar Nominated performances.

Let it be known that I am a huge Tom Hanks fan. That being said; while this isn’t the worst adaptation I’ve ever seen, but it’s not very high on my list either. Synopsis from here.

A story that unfolds from inside the young mind of Oskar Schell, an inventive eleven year-old New Yorker whose discovery of a key in his deceased father’s belongings sets him off on an urgent search across the city for the lock it will open. A year after his father died in the World Trade Center on what Oskar calls “The Worst Day,” he is determined to keep his vital connection to the man who playfully cajoled him into confronting his wildest fears. Now, as Oskar crosses the five New York boroughs in quest of the missing lock – encountering an eclectic assortment of people who are each survivors in their own way – he begins to uncover unseen links to the father he misses, to the mother who seems so far away from him and to the whole noisy, dangerous, discombobulating world around him.

Here’s the trailer.

Have you seen it ? What were your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close; Movie Edition

  1. Mom says:

    I enjoyed the movie, little long, very sad, but I didn’t read the book. That could be why I enjoyed the movie!

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