We love books. Actually, I’m starting to think we love books more than we love reading; our shelves are a little heavier on the ‘want to read’ scale. The memory of the day spent finding each book, the smell of the paper, the weight; we enjoy the whole book shopping/owning experience . We are a bit snobbish about them too…first printings in first editions (which I don’t read – explanation below), we HATE movie covers and we have this weird impulse to buy every book by a authors we like, even if we’ve only read one of their works before.

Needless to say we’re not fans of e-books; skeptically, last month I bought my first one.

First, it was extremely easy and quick – two or three clicks and boom I had a book. As in I was in my pajamas, barely poured a cup of coffee and didn’t even have to brush my teeth; EASY.  I was astonished. My shoulder felt the difference as the weight of a book was no more than the weight of my tablet.

Also I have a horrid, terrible, awful time with paperback books; books  often times end up looking like I used it as a utility tool while repairing a car…I’m horribly hard on books. Explaining why I buy the $5, 6 inch edition of our first edition/first printings and haul those around instead of the ones displayed prominently on our shelf.

The e-book kept my place automatically, no matter which device I read it on, my phone, tablet or even my computer *note if you’d like to look busy an e-book on your computer screen looks a lot like work/research. I also really like the idea of how environmentally friendly e-reading is. Additionally I could read in bed and not disturb Jake, who is ridiculously sensitive to light while trying to sleep.

A major downside to e-reading is the battery operated aspect. I am negligent with keeping my devices charged (just ask my mom!). There were a few instances where I wanted to read and wasn’t able to.

In the end, we’ll probably buy ‘back-up copies’ or pop-fiction as e-books and we’ll continue to purchase hard copies. A nice compromise.

Have you tried electronic reading?

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