Holy-moly guacamole, we’ve not posted in FOREVER! That’s about to change. If you’re still following our blog, mad props to you!

A quick up-to-date.

1. We now live in Castle Rock, CO such a cuuuuute quaint town with a delightful (all-be-it tiny) downtown.

2. We were renting a house, now we’ve made the switch back to apartment living and love not having to mow and the view!

Sunset3. Izzy has pushed past puppy stage and become a pretty chill-ish dog…she’s still a pill but now it’s just 60% of the time instead of 90% (probably because she sleeps more).


4. We’re still married  HA! makes me laugh but I guess it’s an update…LOL

Jurassic Park in 3-D!

5. A few weeks ago we went to our first Comic-con in Denver.

6. I really, really, REALLY love living 10 minutes from IKEA.


and that’s about it. nothing really big. nothing huge. but life is super fun and we’ll be posting our adventures (and misadventures) starting tomorrow.

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One thought on “Hiatus

  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for starting this again!

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