Our Friday night kicked off a weekend of fortune. We found a FREE box-spring on Craigslist and picked it up–we’re changing bed size so that simple errand shaved around $150 off the cost! Lucky us it was close to the house because we had to strap it to the roof! A first for both of us. I’m sure it was quite a sight.

Saturday was even more of a gold-mine. We drove out to the mall to catch up on what’s going on outside the house and work. This is where we hit gold! I scored some free stuff at the Dillard’s Clinique counter, smelled the new perfume “DOT” from my fav Marc Jacobs–loooove.

Later we did face masks. That was a RIOT! Jake promised a while back he’d do one with me and apparently this was the weekend. We stopped in Sephora and nabbed a few FREE samples and had about 45 minutes of fun. I’m not winking on purpose, I got water in my eye.

Jake’s was waaaay cooler than mine, his peeled off like rubber.

Then fortune smiled at us and kissed our faces in Banana Republic. Jake’s on his feet all day, the current pair of dress shoes is bringing him home in pain. Seeing as it’s fall sale season we stopped by the men’s shoe department…only to find a pair of beautiful dress shoes for $67 bucks with another 20% off that. Here’s where good fortune started basically coming-onto us. They had ONE last pair in his size and we had $30 in rewards. When we walked up to the counter and they rang up at $98…not cool. Politely he showed her the sale sticker and an associate said “oh, whoops! you guys are lucky, we forgot to take the sale sticker off.” SNAP! In the end we paid a whopping total of $17 for some comfy (fine leather) shoes that were originally priced at $120!

Moving on. Sunday we hit the movies and bought “The Silver Spoon” which has been the #1 selling cookbook in Italy for the last 60 years. A coworker mentioned it and said ‘you’ve gotta get it’. We struck gold! The book was at William’s Sonoma for $60 we laughed and said ‘who pays that for a cookbook?!’ and marched ourselves to Barnes and Noble where we found it on the bargain table for $20!

Some of these recipes look DELICIOUS.

Our one recipe a week should start in the dessert section!

Another Great fortune moment. The “oops!” paint section had the exact gray we were looking for at 20% of the cost. we paid $7 for a gallon of 35 dollar paint! BOOM!

I told you we had a very fortunate weekend.

How was your weekend, did you catch any sales?


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