August Love

This idea stolen from Janet who apparently borrowed it from a few other women.

!Our First House! We said fairwell to apartment dwelling and greeted living in a house with open arms.

Unpacking slowly and surely finding things we used to take for granted…”I didn’t remember THESE SHOES!” and “WOW we have a TON of dvds!” were just a few phrases we have uttered.

Fenced in Back Yard with an overactive pup like Izzy, it’s unbelievably nice to just open a door and let her out. No leash, no harness, no ‘where’s my shoes‘ just an open door.

Fire Pit S’mores with caramel marshmallows…mmmmmm the best.

Salsa Making it’s just not summer without a fresh batch of salsa!



One thought on “August Love

  1. MOM says:

    I am so excited for you!

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