Rubbermaid Reveal vs. The Swiffer

Let me begin by saying I don’t like the hassle of a ‘real’ Mop and bucket. It’s too much trouble and if I had to do that every week the floors would NEVER get mopped–ever. I know, I’m sure some have advice that would discredit that but…honestly. Nope, not happening; let us move on.

For years I had a Swiffer. I lived in a carpeted apartment with tile/linoleum in just the bathroom and kitchen. The Swiffer was great. None of the mop and bucket hassle; and as infrequently as I would mop it was cheap. I think it took a year and a half to go through one bottle of cleanser.  +10.

THEN we got married, moved into an apartment with a larger mop-needy floor space THEN we got Izzy

and those floors needed more love.

The swiffer was getting kinda costly. $6-10 bucks for the cleanser and then another $6-10 fort he cleaning pads every other month.  -3 Add to that the floors were so grimy we had to change the pads about 3 times each use -2 Don’t forget the batteries -2. That was adding up, quickly. Don’t get me started on the mop head’s adhesive ability over time, rendering it nearly useless. -10

Swiffer total = -7

Enter the Reveal. I saw an advertizement for the Rubbermaid Reveal and almost instantaneously it was on my Wish list. Another hassle free swipe across the floor +10

The Reveal let me use any cleaner of my choice (we love Mrs. Myers Clean Day in Lavender)+3, has washable pads+5, a dust-mop head +2 No need for a broom! And didn’t take batteries+3. The cleanser container is removable and re-washable. +1 The adhesive used to hold the cloths on are plastic, made into the head, no wearing down over time. +2

Did I mention it uses ANY cleaning agent?

My brother & sister-in-law have hardwood floors & tile; requiring a different cleanser for both. Essentially she could wash the hardwood with a bottle full of whatever special stuff hardwood requires  and swap out with the other bottle for tile all in one fell-swoop. Multiple floors, multiple cleansers, one mop. +2

Reveal total =27

In my opinion, Rubbermaid’s Reveal is the obvious choice. I’d suggest this beast of a ‘spray mop’ to anyone, (even if they didn’t ask my opinion).


What’s your take, have you converted to the Reveal, or are you a die-hard Swiffer fan?

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