I am convinced that Colorado has the nicest people per capita. Cases in point:

  • A complete stranger pulled up beside us and said ‘You’ve got a tail light out’
  • As associate manager at Banana Republic insisted on passing on Jake’s resume to friends and family who may be hiring when we told him we were looking for jobs
  • A ‘more mature’ associate at REI (a popular outdoorsy store here) who was absolutely shocked that we moved with nothing too solid to fall back on offered us encouraging words and advice.
  • Our new neighbors let me pick massive peonies off their bushes–WHENEVER I want!

That’s just a small smattering of the kindness we’ve encountered. It’s interesting, when living around such kind people it’s impossible not to want to go out of your way to be nice to other humans around you.
Interested in doing your own Random Acts of Kindness? I’d recommend The Birthday Project for some wonderful ideas.


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