Wicked the Musical

Back in April I was afforded the opportunity to see the Broadway production Wicked here in Denver. This was the first Broadway production I’ve seen. Magical. As the lights dimmed and the audience hushed my anticipation mounted.

The music was fun, the costumes were dazzling, but the thing that caught my attention most was the set. More specifically the lighting (thanks to working at a live event lighting design firm) and the mechanics behind the staging. Flying monkey men flew, trap doors in the floor, pieces of the set moved without stage hands. It was so fun to see the engineering behind making the stars shine.

I would say if you have an opportunity to see a Broadway show, on Broadway or in a town near you, DO IT!

A big thanks to my Mother-in-Law, Julie, who made attending the production possible.

Have you been to Wicked or another production? How was it, what affected you most?



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