Dream Coffee

On occasion I dream in flavors. I understand this sounds weird. That said several night’s ago I had a dream about a coffee drink (slightly ironic caffeine+sleep don’t usually mix) that was out of this world amazing.

While I can’t recall many details (and who really cares, honestly) I recall drinking this mix of dark chocolate and cherry goodness topped by whipped cream with perfectly sprinkled chocolate shavings and dried cherry bits. The flavor in this dream was intense enough for me to demand a barista recreate it.

Later, Jake & I head into Caribou Coffee (my first time at this chain EVER) and I’m explaining this to the barista- a perfectly polite and chipper Coloradan-who, catching my excitement, bounced back with “WE HAVE THAT!”. She explained it’s a Berry White Mocha but kindly subbed out the hideous white chocolate for something of a more delicious & darker variety and lo and behold it was my dream drink.

At our little table I know Jake was talking and I could see his lips moving but I was in another world completely. This was the liquid form of a cordial cherry. That Berry Mocha had my full attention and competed with no one for it.

If you’re ever at a Caribou Coffee (and not allergic to cherries)–even if your NOT at a Caribou coffee…go, find one because I recommend this drink. My DREAMS recommend this drink!


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