Mall Tour

So when your unemployed and in a new city, getting out and about is good. Finding things that are free while out and about is great. We did a mall tour: its free, entertaining and fun.

Near us there are about four malls. The first we hit up is called Southlands. Its an outdoor plaza. With a sports store, restaurants, an AMC theater (hellooo $5 tickets M-TH), a book store and much more. In this nice spring weather we like to walk around in the sun and relax.

Next up was Park Meadows mall. It is a short drive up the highway. It is hands down the cleanest and sunniest mall I’ve ever been in. I couldn’t find a spec of dust anywhere. Not even in the rafters! It’s home to several of our favorite stores: Williams Sonoma, pottery barn, urban outfitters, Sephora, Oakley, a LEGO store, and Tesla-a completely electric car Jake has fallen head over heels for.

We also hit up Cherry Creek mall. Apparently Cherry Creek is the Beverly Hills of this area. Several of the athletes call Cherry Creek home. Which may explain why their mall has a store that sells pens for $1500! We had our first Neimann Marcus experience. Whoah, it was amazing. Botox women everywhere had personal shoppers as they browsed Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, off the runways cool. We felt like chunky, puffy eyed, flat lipped poor folk and left with our self esteem barely intact. Not that the people weren’t friendly and chatty because they were but it wasn’t a crowd we easily fit in with.
One of the many amazing window displays at Cherry Creek mall.

And then there’s IKEA.

Oh how awesome that store is! It’s two massive stories tall and the show room is one entire level. The other level is all merchandise. We walked in at 11am and left at 330 completely unaware of how long we’d stayed. Our dream kitchen is there, along with our dream Master Bedroom, Living room, closets, bathroom…

I really should’ve taken more photos…hind sight…


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