Jake’s 26th

We celebrated Jake’s big 26th Birthday in style.

Beginning with Sams #3 for breakfast. It’s a local diner that’s more than earned it’s reputation as the best around. It was featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I insisted we order a “Breakfast Appetizer” who orders appetizers for breakfast?! Pecan Cinimonster.


mmmmm! Delish!

We stopped in at a local camping gear store and ooohed and aaaahed at the mountains of things we would love to have.

Then we headed to the house for a small get together/open house. Friends and family stopped by and chatted. For Jake it was great seeing people he hasn’t seen since High School and for me it was fun putting faces to the names in his childhood stories.

And we ended the day with dinner at The Fresh Fish Company. Jake’s boasted about this restaurant since we met and after enjoying a meal I can see why. I will say I was a bit leery and doubtful of it’s ability to live up to the praise he’d been singing when we walked up–it is in a strip mall. However shortly after being seated it was obvious I shouldn’t have ever doubted the Birthday Boy.

*If you’re in the Denver area both restaurants are on our “Highly Recommended Places”.

“Forget the food what about the Gifts?! ”  He used his birthday money on a new Camelback Backpack. He’s working on a “Trail Tested Review” so check back soon for pictures and specs.

Overall it was a pretty great day.

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