grand voyage

Last week we made the voyage from Springfield, MO to Aurora, CO. We stopped a few days to see family in Kansas. Then we made the nine hour drive from Pomona, KS to Colorado. Here are some of the highlights.


A luna moth at the gas station in Lyndon, KS.


The car was packed like crazy. Izzy included. She did surprisingly well. No benedryl needed. We did have to stop every 2-3 hours or she would get restless due to caesickness.


Out in weatern Kansas this was the most exciting thing we saw in miiiiiles.


Then came the windmills. They are so huge. MASSSSIVE.


Nothing more than flatness for hours.


Then some oil riggs. Less entertaining than the windmills.



Random story: right after the Colorado border I was about to loose my mind with boredom, all the cds we had stank, the audio book was a sleepy bore, knitting was getting old, reading was off limits, i was getti g hot and to make matters worse I had dirty feet from taking Izzy out so frequently. We stopped at a small gas station and I thought “I cant handle this anymore! I don’t care, I’ll wash my feet in the sink.” I was thinking it could be weird if someone came in the bathroom…no more than 3 seconds later someone came in! Talk about awkward!! Lol
It did feel better to have clean toes.


Then only an hour or so later…BOOOOM! Then came the mountains! The cramped day in a car was worth it.

So now we’re here in Aurora, Colorado. Enjoying a stay-cation until Tuesday. We’ll share more soon!


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