Grown up?

It’s no mystery I’m not a ‘grown up’. I have no plans on becoming one any time soon.

I am curious though what qualifications must one meet to obtain said grown up status?

Is it when your responsibilities increase? When you have kids?  When your finances include more than a checking/saving’s account? When you understand the words ‘diversified investments’ and all that entails? When you stop storing stuff at Mom & Dad’s?

I know it’s not a magical transformation at a specific age; this weekend I encountered a 70 something year old man who’s still 22.

I used to think it was when people attended college…definitely know that’s NOT the case.

Then it was once you’ve graduated college. Not then either.

After your first apartment or place…HA!

Maybe after getting married. Nope-we still eat hot pockets and fish sticks.

Please fill me in if you have the answer, I’m curious.


3 thoughts on “Grown up?

  1. I am certainly not one to speak of what it takes to be “grown up”. However, I agree a lot with Uncle Ron. Growing up does not mean every second you have of free time you spend cleaning, organizing, or other such duties. Although those are important, I find the best part of my growing up experience is to be able to use whatever wisdom I have soaked from previous challenges to more thoroughly enjoy life. What does it matter if I just got yelled at by the old lady at the corner for climbing the CITY’S tree? So what if the 10 neighbor kids, my kids, & I had a “Oh yeah, can you do THIS?” contest in my yard? I am sure that people may look at me, my disorganized house, and silly behavior and think I am nuts. My kids however know they can come to me for anything, and I will always be there. Someone is grown up when they on one hand responsibly care for themselves and those who rely on them, yet also have the security in themselves to do cartwheels in the front yard because they want to. Or put candles on a pancake just to make their nieces and nephews feel extra special.

  2. Julie says:

    Yeah, me too. Let me know if you find out. All I know is that it must be at least your 60’s.

  3. Ron James says:

    A person can be mature and still eat fish sticks and hot pockets…look at Jesus feeding the five thousand, if the “non-grown up” in this true story didn’t bring his fish sticks there would have been an awful lot of hungry people!

    I believe being “grown up” and being “mature” can be two completely different things. One must mature physically, emotionally and spiritually. But “growning” by definition is,
    1. increasing – “becoming greater in size or amount”;
    2. intensifying – becoming more intense or extreme.

    So many people never really grow up in the sense that they try to relive the past in their present and future like dudes who wear thight short-shorts along with their 70’s knee high sports socks with two red stripes around the top and matching wrist and headbands. Dude grow up! But having fun and living life to it’s fullest by increasing the activities you enjoy doing, or being extreme with the abundant life God has given us. I don’t believe Jesus ever once said we have to grow up…He just told us to mature in learning and His grace. As a matter of fact He more than once tells us to come to Him as “little children” not grown ups!

    So I guess my point is, if we make mature choices and decisions in our lives physically, emotionally and spiritually then there’s nothing wrong with enjoying life like a non-grown up!

    Hope this helps.

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