Clean is good

Yesterday I didn’t get around to detailing my car but I did clean the apartment. Oh my stars! It’s clean again! For real clean. Used the vacuum clean. What a calming difference a in my mood and outlook. Cleaning up a cluttered insane place seems to clean up my aura.

Reminds me of this clip.

Izzy napped while I packed

As a reward (which I think was less of a reward and more of a ‘please stop acting like a packing robot’) Jake hand washed the dishes that are prohibited from our Magic Cube a.k.a. dishwasher and took care of dinner: our favorite Mexican restaurant. He also provided distractions via dollar movie night, we saw Man on a Ledge, and ANDYS. HellllO Thin Mint Concrete!

I’m a lucky wifey.

He’s a lucky hubbers.

She’s a lucky puppy.

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