Tidying up

The apartment has a check out list of all the things we have to do before we turn in our keys. Things like clean the return air vent, dust the fan blades, wash the doors, wipe down the trim around doors and windows, wash the windows, clean the fridge and oven.  Several months back I broke it down into about four items every week so three days before we leave we still have sanity on our side. We’ve kept pretty close to that schedule which only fuels my inner planner/list maker.

Still, this is going to be a busy week and quite frankly I’m not ready. I need more sleep, waaaaay more coffee, and a better pedicure. Not that the last actually helps, it just makes things seem more bearable.

I’ve already patched a few Izzy ‘dents’ in the dry wall.

Pulled stuff off the walls and removed nails and attempted to remove sticky goo

Put the boring switch plates back on the boring wall and cleaned the return air vent; that thing gets nasty. Greased the hinges so there are no more squeaky doors –not really noticeable until 4am when one of us (Jake) gets up to take Izzy out.

Created a ‘donate’ pile

Rearranged the boxes for ease of loading we should be able to dolly each stack out an load…we’ll see how that actually goes

Tomorrow I have hopes to detail my car; including a carpet and upholstry shampoo!


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One thought on “Tidying up

  1. Julie says:

    I think you are doing a terrific job! Congrats! My hubby can help too when he gets there, so save some work for him. 🙂

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