Perspective & Gratitude

On her way to work yesterday my Mom, a notorious shoulder hugger and seat belt avoider, rolled her mini-van four times. FOUR times. “My glasses and stuff were outside in the field, my tennis shoe was on the dash…but I was inside…I don’t know how but I was inside.” Amazingly she walked away unscathed. No blood, no gore, no stitches, no broken bones. Quickly I offered extreme gratitude to the God who guarded my mother’s life.

Mom’s response to the situation was

Perspective: Every since January I have been depressed about turning the big “50” and other things. After [the accident] I praised God that next week I get to turn “50”. Today I am very thankful that I can feel each bruise and the pain that I am in.

She’s chosen to embrace all of life even the less exciting moments.

I am allowed to live one more day and I need to begin practicing gratitude accordingly. A celebration should be arranged complete with confetti and cake (or cookies) and streamers to revel in our good fortune. Not, of course to be confused with celebrating her big Five-Oh!

How will you celebrate life this weekend?

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One thought on “Perspective & Gratitude

  1. Julie says:

    God has plans for her! I have been thanking Him for two days for His protection on her life. I wish I could hug you both…and tell you how very much I care!

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