Saturday afternoon Jake’s car started making some serious clunking noise. I was convinced it was his transmission. We took it into the shop. Explained the clunking noise and sat in the little waiting room. After they pulled his car back I kinda felt like I was in an OR waiting room. The man with a clipboard would come out and I’d be on the edge of my seat ‘news for us?’.

Later he escorted us to the car which happened to still be up on the lift. The mechanic told us he couldn’t find any issues to cause concern. He even drove it around the block several times and no noise was to be heard…BUT…

Sometimes I feel like there’s always a BUT.

Both rear tires were bald. Bald bald. Wires exposed bald. New ones needed asap.

We responded to the news in such contrast it’s worth noting.

Jake: slightly relieved yet somber, money needs to come from the budget to pay for this. We can do it in a week if we cut back here and there. He’s so pragmatic.

Jessica: Ecstatic. No transmission? only tires?! SWEET! aaaaaaaand they let me walk under the car! When I asked “Can you take my picture under here!?!” the mechanic just about peed his pants trying not to laugh at me.

If it wasn’t for the mysterious clunking we wouldn’t have known about the tires. We were spared from what could’ve been a serious disaster.

Have you ever received a warning of some sort? We’d love to hear about it!


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