Lunch Hour Panic

I have an amazing wedding ring. Nearly every woman will tell you this. But mine truly is the best.

This afternoon I had to run an errand for work on the North side of town. On my way I passed Justice Jewelers. “I should get my ring cleaned, we have a date tonight, it’ll show him how much I care for it.” I thought. “Naaaaah, I’m on the clock.”

On my way back I remembered it was due for an inspection, cutting over 2 lanes of light traffic I dodged in deciding to commence my lunch hour. A few minutes later my ring comes out passing inspection. Later at home for soup and grooming (boy did I neeeeded to pluck!) I continue admiring my sparkles and BLAM! A bald spot took me by surprise.

“WHAT?! no way!”

Sure enough. TWO diamonds – gone.image

I’m frantic. Looking in to the sink, the toilet (places where diamonds go missing in the movies), the  bath mat, the tub, and some really irrational places–inside the roll of TP and in the of q-tip dish .

I notify Jake who is so busy at work he’s not had lunch yet; it was 3:15 pm. I begin asking about paperwork, “where is it?!? We need it, NOW. Why isn’t it filed with the rest of the stuff?!”

As if that wasn’t bad enough Izzy added insult to injury by eating !EATING! the insoles to my last pair of ballet flats.

I call Justice in full panic mode. She calmly reassured me they probably fell out in the cleaning machine. She’ll look for them. At this point I’m convinced the world despises me and I should just give up and cry. I refrain and somehow manage to pull myself together and get back to work.

An hour later Justice Jewelers has found my diamonds and they’ll replant them where they belong, no paperwork needed.

Moral of the story: I really need to lighten up!


One thought on “Lunch Hour Panic

  1. Julie says:

    Just shows how valuable it is to you, and what it represents. 🙂

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