The Hunger Games

Guidelines for Better Living: Book 2 of 12

I’ve seen Suzanne Collin’s book The Hunger Games around, heard bits of “it’s so great” in the cyber world but I’m a serious resistor. If it’s popular I will refuse to read it based solely on the grounds “everyone else is reading it”. I try not to conform. Then I saw this:

and insisted on spending my last dime to buy the paperback. some six dollar el cheapo copy thinking it wouldn’t be a keeper much less a “shelfer”. (The books we actually keep on the shelf, out for people to see.) I was wrong. Wrong to deny the general population who is raving about the book. Wrong for buying a paperback and breaking the spine -to be honest the book held up pretty well for my harsh treatment of paperbacks. Wrong for thinking I wouldn’t need to read book two.

Jessica’s Thoughts:

  1. It took me a couple of chapters ‘to get into it’. BUT once I was hooked, I was a goner. Finished in a few hours (some of which had to do with it being junior fiction) and now begging for more.
  2. There were several points where I made audible noises: Gasping at least 3 times and cheering twice. These startled Jake who was playing Skyrim and Izzy who was minding her own business demolishing a nylabone.
  3.  The movie trailer looks like this will be a rare case of excellent adaptation.
  4. Speaking of the movie, I envisioned District 12 more earthy brown and less concentration camp but it makes complete sense both ways.

I recommend this book. I can’t imagine a soul who wouldn’t enjoy it. I may even call my grandmother and tell her to read it!


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