January Love

This idea stolen from Janet who apparently borrowed it from a few other women.

Exciting decisions we made some really awesome life decisions this month.

Mid-week face time has been so awesome. We’ve spent dinners at the table, relaxed, gone for lattes, tried a new theater, leafed through books, gone flea market shopping, grocery shopped on a seriously restricted budget. It has amazed us both.

Reading/Gaming we’ve fallen into this routine where when we’re done with face time I’ll dig into a book while Jake gets into his gaming, it’s fantastic. Living together, sharing space but maintaining independence.

Sticking with my Guidelines for Better Living (aka resolutions). Love that I finished 2 books in a month, devotions haven’t been skipped a single day and I’m trying to take photos with the DSLR…I’ve enrolled in a class.

Izzy’s surgery glad it’s over. The recovery wasn’t too bad, no cone or exterior stitches. But crating her for 20-22 hours a day was horrid.

Spring in January. Only one day of snow all month! The average has been 58 and sunny! Walking the neighborhood weather when usually it’s cold and nasty? love love LOVE!


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