The Moxie

This weekend we crossed “see a movie at the Moxie” off our Springfield List. The Moxie is a small indy theater downtown Springfield. Quaint, hip, current, and quirky were words we used to describe the place. It was a bit difficult for us to find based on the GPS settings/MovieFone app. We found it after I played a few blocks of “Wise and Fearless Leader” (super fun to do when lost: walk with as much confidence as a ship’s captain and keep saying ‘it’s just around the corner’ as if you know, when you really have no clue). Once I accidentally stumbled on it I remembered they moved. It was a great day for a walk tho and boy did we need it!

Theater One seated 50 tops. I say “I feel like I’m at a private screening!” Jake chuckled “I feel like I’m in a basement”. Perspective. I found the 50+ year old seats perfect, not too tall so my legs lose circulation from dangling…yes that happens! Perfect height in the back, curved around my shoulders. it was cozy…for me.

We kept trying to get us under the painted wall sign in the back but kept getting either MO or XIE never the whole word. so we gave up.

For the curious we saw “A Dangerous Method”. Based on the lives of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung and their relationship. IMDB says “A look at how the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud gives birth to psychoanalysis.” Um yah when I mentioned the movie and Jake saw the trailer he was on it like Izzy on cheese. Turns out it wasn’t something we’d see again but it was thought-provoking and led into quite a conversation.

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