If I were to earn a gold medal in anything it would be for list making.

I make daily lists:

Pick up clutter
Clean floors
feed dog
one load of laundry
manage insane amount of dirty dishes
call property manager about dishwasher walking around
read 30 mins


I make weekly lists (divided by my roles) nicely organized thanks to Franklin Covey.

Lists of projects I want to complete:

Lampshade makeover
Organize/frame recipes
Gears of War Blanket
Valentine decor
Ruffley apron
Closet Organizer for Jake

Stuff I want to buy:

Ruffley apron
6×3 contoured pan (ref. baking list)
books (ref. book list)
Xbox controller
Vintage cake stands
Pyrex collection
etsy stuff

In college I used to carry around stacks of these 3×5 index cards I’d cut in half. I would fill them out during class with the things I needed or hoped to accomplish every day. If classes were exceptionally boring they would even be color coded by priority. One day I stumbled into class and I spotted one of my notated squares on the floor a few chairs away. I was mildly embarrassed thinking ‘How personal! Someone has seen my agenda!’. I discretely picked up the note and saw where some one had scrawled across the back with a nasty black ink “GET A LIFE”.


I DO have a life! Couldn’t this harsh gel pen* user see I was busy with things,which is why I needed to write them down?! That was Spring semester ’02, yet I’ve not forgotten the incident.

I have come to realize I don’t need the list to remind me of the things I need to do/buy/complete/read. I need the mental release writing it down provides. Jotting down “Look up vanilla latte how to” means I don’t have to REMEMBER to look it up.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy that glimmer of pride as I place a big fat X beside the completed task.

 How about you, are you a list maker? What do you list out? Why do you create yours?

 *I despise gel pens, by the way, making this offense so much worse.

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